Vanuatu Institute of  Public Administration and Management (VIPAM) (Centre for Professional Development)


The Centre of Excellence for Continuing Learning and Development 


To create, promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of skilled based and diverse programmes, in support of the public service commitment to employment development, partnership and organizational advancement. 


Passion - Respect – Integrity – Determination – Excellence 

The Education and training of all employees are an integral part of the Commission’s planning. In this regard, the Commission is responsible to:
(a)    encourage a culture of life-long learning, knowledge sharing, innovation, and creativity in
order to create a strong human resource for the public service; and 
(b)    foster knowledge sharing among employees from different Ministries and Departments by 
    encouraging employees to participate in cross-departmental placement program within 
    Statutory bodies, Non-Government Organization training programs, workshops that allow
    them to work together and learn from one-another; and
(c)    ensure employees are accorded equal opportunities for accessing relevant training on an equal basis, without any form of discrimination; and
(d)    ensure update baseline information of priority occupation and skills demand within the Public Service; and
(e)    ensure implementation of prioritised and demand driven programmes that are cost effective; and
(f)    ensure continuous upgrading of core competencies, knowledge, skills and attributes of
employees including their ability to assimilate technology to enable and seize opportunities for career growth, social advancement, economic growth and development; and 
(g)    Promote collaboration and linkages between stakeholders, training institutions, development partners, industries and scholarship agencies to create exchange programs both nationally and regionally. 
(h)    Ensure effective career pathways for all employees
The Commission may effectively manage and enhance employee’s capacity through education and training to meet skill gaps prescribed under National Human Resource Development Plan (NHRDP) and Ministry Human Resource Development Plan (MHRDP).

The Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and management Unit approved structure for the Vanuatu Public Service Commission (PSC) can be downloaded below:

VIPAM Structure