Corporate Service Unit (CSU)

This Unit is responsible for the managing of the operational activities and provide administrative and secretariat support services to the commission, OPSC, and the Disciplinary Board to perform their functions effectively and efficiency. 

The functions of the Corporate Service Unit as per the organization corporate structure are:

    • Manage the flow of submission to the Public Service Commission
    • Provide support services to the Public Service Disciplinary Board, VIPAM Board and established committees under the OPSC (FMC & HMC)
    • Coordinate the annual planning exercise for the OPSC
    • Facilitate recruitment process for the OPSC
    • Coordinate the preparation of the quarterly and annual reports
    • Manage the PSC filing system and procedures
    • Facilitate all recruitment process for the Office of the Public Service Commission
    • Capability Development for the OPSC staff
    • Budget formulation, management and monitoring
    • Administration of Procurement and Payment Services
    • Management of OPSC Assets
    • Administrative Services Secretarial Services to the Commission
    • Manage the Human Resource Management Information System(HRMIS)
    • Facilitate migration of PSC post in the HRMIS
    • Organize press releases and produce newsletters
    • Manage the OPSC social media platforms and website
    • Facilitate traveling logistics for the Commission and the OPSC officers
    • Address staff welfares for OPSC staff

The Corporate Service Unit approved structure for the Vanuatu Public Service Commission (PSC) can be downloaded below:

CSU Structure