The three-day Human Resource (HR) Network Retreat orchestrated by the Office of the Public Service Commission (PSC) at Ramada Resort in Port Vila has ended mid this week, leaving a trail of enhanced capabilities across ministries.

The event, which unfolded on Monday, January 22, 2024, was strategically designed to provide crucial training for capacity development, elevating the skills and knowledge of Human Resource officials across all 13 Ministries.

Gratitude was extended by Mr. Jonathan Iavere, the Acting Secretary General (SG) for PSC, to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for their financial support and efficient administration of the workshop.

He revealed that as an outcome, an agenda for bi-monthly HR Network training until July 2024 will be formulated.

In his address, Mr. Iavere emphasised the imperative of utilising the wealth of experience and knowledge garnered during the retreat. “What you learn from this retreat will equip you as an HR professional in your future endeavors…learning is everything,” he added.

Representing the participants, Mrs. Cyndia Albert expressed appreciation for the Human Resource Network Retreat, stating, “This 3-day workshop has given us a handful of ideas, and we have learned a lot of new things which we will slowly get used to in the near future.”

Ministries in attendance included the Ministry of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Climate Change, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, and Ministry of Justice and Community Services.

Over the three days, attendees delved into topics such as Competency-Based Job Descriptions and recommendations for restructuring.

The carefully curated schedule aimed at tapping into the skills, ideas, and experience of HR experts also provided a platform to explore various options. This encompassed scrutinising HRD plans across government ministries and the formulation of an orientation guideline for the public service.

The HR Network Training Needs Survey conducted during the retreat will guide the Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration & Training (VIPAM) in selecting high-priority training for 2024 and beyond.

Mr. Iavere emphasized the collaborative approach, shifting from supply-driven to needs-driven training, providing evidence-based information for VIPAM’s training initiatives.

With the Office of the Public Service Commission set to review its 2024 Business Plan in late February, the Acting Secretary stressed the significance of the survey results. VIPAM’s 2024 business strategy will seamlessly incorporate the training identified as most crucial by respondents in the survey.

The enthusiastic responses and general excitement from participants underscore the Retreat’s success in fostering a vibrant forum for idea sharing and the establishment of a robust HR network across government agencies.

Source : daily Post 27 Jan 2024