16 New Health Managers Appointed

Sixteen health managers have been appointed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) Board on Monday this week to oversee health matters within the six provinces in the country.

Daily Post was aware their appointments was effective as of Monday and the officers will receive their official letters sometimes this week.

Health is an important sector in the country, thus PSC Chairman Mr. Martin Mahe urged the newly appointed Managers to demonstrate crucial leadership in addressing health issues and channel back reports to the ministry so that they can create policies to address health issues in the country.

Mr. Mahe pointed that health in the country has deteriorated over time and PSC has made several administrative changes on the structure to help the situation.

“Since 2016 the PSC Board has identified three different structures within the Ministry of Health.

“The structures created a lot of discrepancies on the wages of employees and grievances on the status of those under contract.

“The system was abolished in 2017 and we created a structure that accommodated only one structure for all health workers,” he said.

The Director General and Director to the Ministry of Health (MoH) were informed after the appointments were made.

A delegation from the MoH and PSC have just returned from a trip to visit the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH) and other health services within SANMA Province to see, hear their grievances and address outstanding health issues there.

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