MALFFB Scoops Public Service Day Award for Outstanding Performance

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) team joined around 5,000 public servants throughout Vanuatu to celebrate the second National Public Service Day on the 25th and 26th of July at the National Convention Center.

The theme of the National Public Service Day was ‘Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through effective delivery of services, innovative transformation and accountable institutions’.

All government ministries and departments actively participated in the career day on July 25 to promote and educate young people about their professions and young people were encouraged to explore their interests in what they wish to pursue as a career.

The second Public Service Day on July 26th provided an opportunity to reflect on the achievements, developments, identifying challenges and way forward to ensure all citizens share the benefits of developments in Vanuatu and also to recognize the role of the public servants and their contributions towards the development of Vanuatu.

The day commenced with a parade where all ministries paraded with a banner led by the VMF Band from the Moorings to the National Convention Centre.

The MALFFB officers made the march livelier as they shouted throughout the parade ‘Yumi go, fidim buluk, planem manioc, kakae fish, yumi drink kava’.

In addition, the MALFFB team displayed a lot of information materials.

Raffle tickets were sold to the public by the Livestock Department to win prizes in the form of livestock.

Planting materials were also provided to members of the public.

A total of around 2,000 information materials were given out, 3,500 kava seedlings sold at VT50 per seedling and over 900 planting materials including branches of manioc, island cabbage and taro and pineapple suckers and vines of sweet potato were distributed to the public.

The highlights of the second Public Service Day included the presentation of medal awards by the Head of State to 19 senior public servants that have worked over 35 years within the public service.

Three staff or awardees from each government ministries received special awards in recognition of their outstanding performances.

The award ceremony ended with the announcement of the Public Service Day award given to the best performing government ministry, which is MALFFB.

Public Service Commission Chairman, Mr Martin Mahe presented the award.

“The best Public Service Award 2019 goes to the MALFFB for your outstanding performance. You all have shown a lot of improvement in your work.

“Congratulations on being the best and outstanding ministry,” said PSC chairman, Martin Mahe.

The Director General (DG) for MALFFB, Moses Amos, acknowledged all officers of departments under the MALFFB.

“I would like to thank you all for your outstanding performance and commitment,” he said.

“Today, we are recognized by the Public Service Commission as the outstanding ministry.

“I appreciate your presence here during the two days to celebrate the Public Service Day.

“The MALFFB Executive will meet and nominate an officer who will own the award which is a voucher of business class trip overseas

“Thank you, PSC chairman, for choosing MALFFB as the outstanding ministry.”

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