PSC Strengthens GPS Tracking System for Gov’t Vehicles

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has enhanced its GPS tracking system by upgrading to an improved and electronic application which will effectively monitor all Government vehicles.

The application by Skazy Limited is called Fleet Management. It will administer G-vehicle usage within both Government Ministries and Departments.

Signed yesterday between Skazy Limited Manager, Xavier Dolacinski and PSC Chairman, Martin Mahe, the contract aims to ensure the development of the project meets the requirements provided by PSC.

Fleet Management will mostly monitor and manage drivers using vehicles before weekends or after working hours without authorisation.

This time, drivers will have to make a request using the new improved system software, to their authorities before they can use the vehicles. The software will detect the validity of a driver’s licence as well as detect a difficulty setback from the GPS system. Once detected, the application will send a warning alert directly to the authorities so they can penalise the driver under the law. PSC Chairman Mahe affirmed many public servants have been issued with warning letters but continued to misuse Government vehicles.

“There is no proper monitoring,” he added

“Vehicle misuse leads to the loss of unnecessary Government funds.”

This new system will ensure each driver has his own key and fuel card, this in turn will reduce fuel expenses.

”The mismanagement of Government vehicles has been a long-standing issue, we hope with this new system we can cut down the misuse of public funds and be assured that Government vehicles are always monitored and used properly.”

The Fleet Management is much improved than the current GPS tracking system, where most commissions fail to comply with the protocol at hand by removing the GPS instalments and changing licence plates from Government (G) to private.

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