Performance Improvement Unit

The objective of this unit is to ensure Organizational structures, objectives and strategies are in line with the Coorporate plans of the Vanuatu Public Service commission in terms of services delivery. It also includes the functions to review, research and report to the Public Service Commission on Corporate Plans and Annual Reports of Ministries, and on complex policy issues need be that may have been initiated by the Council of Ministers such as Decentralization Policy which was piloted in both provinces of Malampa and Tafea in 2011.

One main function is also to review the organizational structures or workplace designs to assist the Government agencies to improve their performance.

The functions of the Organization Performance Improvement Unit as per the organization corporate structure are:

  •  Develop and implement measures to assist ministries improve their performance;
  • Review, assess and evaluate organization structures;
  • Provide technical support to Government Remuneration Tribunal.
  • Audit Annual Reports against Corporate plans.
  • Audit structures.
  • Conduct staff inspection.
  • Conduct research, review and develop new policies.
  • Provide technical support to the Secretary Generals in relation to the Decentralization Policy.

General Enquiries

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