Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a core unit of the Commission. Under this program, the Commission assists Ministries by developing sound human resources systems, policies and practices to attract, select, recruit and retain high and potential employees in the Vanuatu Public Service, and to facilitate improved individual performance. The Human Resource Management Unit (HRMU) is the Unit that is responsible for the management and the administration of the public service human resource functions.


HRM Core functions

The following HR functions and managed, administered and processed by the staff members of the HRMU:

  1. Selection, Recruitment and Retention of Competent Employees in the VPS
  2. Management of the Terms and Conditions of Employment across the VPS
  3. Management of Correction Discipline across the VPS
  4. Management of Cessations of Employment across the VPS
  5. Management of the Performance of Employees across the VPS
  6. Management of the PSC Human Resource Information Management System (HRMIS)
  7. Management of the OPSC Luganville Office

HRM Strategic Goals

  1. Recruitments and promotions of all categories of employees are done on merit and in accordance with the in accordance with the law and the public service rules.
  2. Remunerations, work related allowances and social allowances are managed and administrated fairly by the PSC and Government Ministries
  3. Complaints and grievances are dealt with in accordance with the law and the public service rules.
  4. Cessation of employment is managed and administrated in an appropriate and fair handed manner by the PSC and Government Ministries
  5. PSC and Government Ministries deliver results
  6. Useful information for the PSC, Government Ministries, and other Stakeholders>

HRM Objectives

  1.  Make sure recruitment and promotions of employees are transparent, impartial, and fair and in a timely manner
  2. Solve complaints and conduct and performance issues, before they become disciplinary offences>
  3. Ensure the range of terms and conditions of service that are fair, equitable and meet the needs of employees
  4. Ensure the termination of the service of government employees is in accordance with the law and the public service rules.
  5. Link  employees’ performances to organizational  goals
  6. Make sure data is updated and accurate 

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