Compliance and Policy Unit

The objective of the unit is to give legal advice to the Commission (PSC), Public services disciplinary board and OPSC on their decisions to avoid legal challenges, and costs arising from unconstitutional decisions made from the said commissions.


The functions of the Compliance and Policy Unit as per the organization corporate structure are:

  1. Give legal advice to Public Service Commission (PSC) and Public Service Disciplinary Board (PSDB) decisions.
  2. Give legal advice to OPSC and Line Ministries administrative decision on HR issues.
  3. Efficiently pursue and defend litigated claims for and against PSC and line Ministries relating to Public Service HR issues to maintain low costs to the government. By doing this, the Compliance Unit undertake all briefings and/or researched instructions to State Law Office (SLO) on each of the PSC and Line Ministries ligation cases and Housing eviction of Government houses.
  4. Manage PSC Disciplinary Process and general complaints from the Public, Ombudsman Office, Auditor General and Transparency International.

The Unit also provide training on discipline matters upon request from the Department and Ministries. Currently, the Unit is heading the review of Public Service Staff Manual (PSSM).

General Enquiries

Public Service Commission
Prime Minister's Office Complex
Private Mail Bag 9025
Port Vila
Tel: 5333260