Directors General must perform to standard: PSC Chairman

The Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) has called on the newly appointed Directors General (DGs) to upgrade and maintain service delivery in the Government ministries.

PSC Chairman Martin Mahe made the remarks after five DGs formally signed their contracts with the Public Service Commission (PSC) last Friday.

The DGs who were formally appointed on November 15, 2018 are: Mr Kalfau Kaloris for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Mr Arthur Faerua for the Ministry of Lands, Mr Roy Mickey Joy for Ministry of Trades, Mr Harrison Luen for Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities and Mr Moses Amos for the Ministry of Agriculture.

Chairman Mahe congratulated the DGs on officially signing their contracts with PSC as their employer and stated that PSC is confident with these successful candidates for the position of DG to help drive the government’s plans and policies.

“There are a lot of work to be done in all ministries under the government so we are looking forward to a close collaboration with you (DGs) to address outstanding issues and policies identified by the national government,” Mahe said.

“During the drafting of the contract, we made sure the appointment is in line with the National Sustainable Development Plan and we updated the job description that will enable you perform according to the GRT, so in regards to the job you are assigned to is of high value.”

Mahe reminded the DGs that performance is paramount and that everyone including staff, must perform to standard.

“We are looking forward to see you upgrade and maintain quality services in the ministries that you will be serving as there is still room for development to the next level,” he said.

“DGs will provide advice and guidance to their respective ministers, the Council of Ministers and other agencies — noting that many you have outstanding experience, qualifications and the calibre you bring into the workforce is a plus to the growing development of this country.

Mahe told the DGs to execute the government’s Decentralization policy in all levels.

“Most of our provinces have the capacity to grow economically so DGs are expected to assist, address and produce positive results, monitor the implementation of NSDP around Vanuatu and must work to secure funds according to the government People’s Plan,” he said.

According to the amendment of Act concerning the appointment of DGs, DGs are now contracted to manage the government’s fleet and responsible for housing and were reminded to maintain discipline at all levels.

“The contract is for a period of four years and in four weeks’ time, the DGs will be signing a Performance Agreement,” Mahe said.

“In order to perform to a standard of effectiveness, efficiency and produce quality service that is value for money spend by the people of this country.”

DG of Trades, Mr Joy responded on behalf of the other DGs , conveying their gratitude for their appointments and commended Mr Mahe on his leadership in making sure there is accountability and transparency hence many positive developments in the public sector.

“We accepted our contracts in good faith, we will assist PSC in all works and development, we will help to achieve the mission of the government of the day and assure PSC and government to perform to the best of our ability,” he concluded.

Another group of DGs will be signing their contracts by the end of this week.

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