First Joint commission meeting on Public Service Day

A joint commission meeting was held for the first time at the Prime Minister’s compound yesterday.

The meeting included the Public Service Commission, Teaching Service Commission, Police Commission, Judicial Service Commission and the Electoral Commission who met to discuss the upcoming Public Service Day.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman of the Police Commission, Willie Vira on behalf of the Minister of Justice Ronald Warsal (Chairman of the JSC) who did not make it as the Parliament was in session.

“This is a historic event to have a joint commissions to discuss meeting agendas and especially to discuss the proposed Open Day,” Vira said.

Other administrative matters were also discussed in the joint commission meeting. Chairman of the Public Service Open day, Ben Tofor reiterated that the key initiative is to showcase carrier path for students by the PSC as an employer.

“This is an opportunity for PSC to reach to communities and a recognition of staff employed by the PSC,” he said.

“Students will be able to see what jobs are available and make the right academic choices for their future careers- there will also be an award ceremony that will take place on the Open day which was proposed to take place on July 4.”

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