Pacific utilities confront their models

From June 4th to 7th, New Caledonia hosts the 15th edition of the conference of the leaders of the Pacific public services. Forty participants from fifteen countries in the region will discuss the theme of "open and transparent government".  

This meeting, which is in line with New Caledonia's policy of anchoring in its regional environment, was opened by the President of the Government. "New Caledonia was keen to organize this conference to demonstrate its commitment since becoming a full member of the Pacific Islands Forum", said Philippe Germain before recalling the main principles of the integration policy. the country has been conducting for the past three years. This policy has already allowed, in the context of bilateral cooperation, reconciliations between New Caledonian administrative services and those of some of our Pacific neighbors.

Transparency of institutions

Initiated by the government services, under the direction of Secretary General Alain Marc, this conference is the second to which New Caledonia participated, which was invited to join last year in Papua New Guinea. This annual meeting brings together heads of state administrations in the region to reflect on a problem they all face. The theme chosen this year is the transparency of institutions. "A demand expressed by our fellow citizens that is undeniably a source of progress," said the High Commissioner of the Republic Thierry Lataste, who participated in the inaugural session.


During the two days of work, various stakeholders Caledonian - representatives of the State, New Caledonia and administrative jurisdictions - will present the operation of New Caledonia. The only French-speaking member of the conference, with the exception of Vanuatu, its model is very different from that of other countries, more modeled on the wheels of the Anglo-Saxon administration. For the President of the Government, this meeting should also be "an opportunity to build even stronger links and launch specific cooperation projects."

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