Health severance payout

About 40 health officers from Sanma and Malampa Province that retired from public service last year have now received their severance pay cheques.

The Minister of Health, Jack Norris Kalmet, traveled to Santo and Malekula to hand their cheques in person after starting off with Shefa retirees.

He went with the Director General (DG) of Health, George Taleo, Director of Hospital Curative Services, Dr Willie Tokon, Parliamentary Secretary Jerome Ludvaune, Political Advisers Luna Tasong and John Shing, including the Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) as employer of all government employees.

The delegation will be traveling to Tanna today (Monday) to present another 19 retirees from Lenakel Hospital their cheques.

It costs the Ministry of Health (MoH) over Vt156 million to meet all severance entitlements in Sanma, over Vt70 million for Malampa and Vt73 million for Tafea.

During the handing over ceremony at the NPH last Friday, the DG made it clear to retirees the money that will be paid into their accounts is severance payment and it does not include their one month notice of payment and outstanding leave entitlements.

He requested their patience until Parliament approves the budget as it will take time.

“Everyone is encouraged to contact the Human Resource Office of the MoH to rectify any queries or anomality reflected in payments,” he added.

Meanwhile, the PSC Chairman, Martin Mahe, announced that all 2017 health retirees will be given ‘special consideration’ meaning that they will be paid on the two months severance rate before GRT kicked in.

Chairman Mahe thanked retirees for their loyalty and dedication to the public service despite challenges in work places.

“You have served the nation with your whole heart. You demonstrated a commitment which young employees lack.

“I want to extend gratitude to all your families who have supported you in fulfilling duties.

“PSC really values your contribution in ensuring the population stays healthy and be able to participate in developing the country,” he said.

Cleaners, cooks, drivers, pharmacists, nurses, midwives and doctors all contributed to boost the health sector, said Minister.

While he admitted that retiring over 100 workers in one year is a huge number, Minister Kalmet said his office will be working to address the gap left behind in the ministry’s human resource.

Some of the retirees will be recruited back in service for another two years, starting this year until 2019.

Retirees from Penama and Torba provinces are yet to receive their cheques.

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