Severance payout

Over Vt720 million vatu will be released by the Department of Finance (DoF) to the Ministry of Health (MoH) for severance pay purposes.

Once the MoH receives it this week, all 130 health workers that retired last year will start collecting their severance pay entitlements, the Minister of Health Jack Norris has announced.

The MoH will initially begin severance payout in SHEFA Province.

Minister Norris on his tour to other provinces soon will hand over the severance pay cheques for other retirees.

Last Friday, the MoH hosted a function at Aquana Resort to honour and presented the first load of retirees from Vila Central Hospital (VCH) and other hospitals in SHEFA with their severance pay cheques, in the presence of the Public Service Commission (PSC) as employer of all civil servants.

All 2017 retirees from the MoH were supposed to receive their cheques before December 31 but did not because of budget delay.

Retiring more than 100 last year leaves behind a huge gap in the human resource of the MoH.

While some will be looking for a new start in life, most of the nurses have signed another two-year contract with the MoH, to continue working from 2018 to 2019, the minister has revealed.

The country still needs their service, he said.

The Director General of the MoH, George Taleo, Medical Director at VCH, Dr Willie Tokon and PSC Chairman, Martin Mahe, all thanked the retirees for serving the nation with dedication and courage despite facing challenges in work place.

Most of these retirees have been serving across the nation for over 37 years. Their contribution to addressing health care needs has boosted the health sector.

Nurses and doctors are backbone of the country's healthcare system who often suffered with patients. They dedicated their professional careers to help the sick and save lives.

The government recognizes health as one of its priority therefore, committed Vt1.4 billion toward retirement packages for all civil servants.

The MoH alone gets Vt726,677,964.

Out of the 130 retirees from the MoH, 30 are from VCH, five from SHEFA Health, 13 from Lenakel Hospital, seven from Norsup Hospital, seven (Malampa Health Staff), 24 Northern Provincial Hospital Staff, 10 (Sanma Health Staff), seven (Lolowai Hospital), eight (Penama Health Staff), four (Torba Health Staff) including seven public health staff and eight corporate services staff.

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