Allegiance to Government

“Let me assure you Chairman of the Public Service Commission (Martin Mahe) that the letters we have just received are for high performance and on behalf of the Directors, I wish to assure you and the Government that we will perform to the best of our abilities to serve the best interest of our beloved country.

“We will ensure that our staff also perform to the best interest of the country and we are confident the Public Service Commission will closely monitor their performances, to ensure we all work as a team to provide the services desired by our country”.

Senior Director of the Department of the Vanuatu National Statistics, Simil Johnson, made the remarks while thanking the PSC for their letters confirming their new salary scales, that all Directors and their staff will work with the Chairman and his support staff to carry out the policies of the Government.

“We will continue to meet challenges but as (former US President) Barak Obama said that ‘together we can”, he said.

Turning to his colleague Directors he continued, “I believe that when we Directors and our staff cooperate with the Public Service (Commission) then together we can effect change”.

The Director thanked the Chairman of PSC for the transition processes and assured him that the Directors as the drivers of service delivery are committed to effect through their staff to the people.

To conclude, he thanked the Chairman for his leadership and appealed to him to work closely with all Directors stressing that when there is an issue then there is no better way than to dialogue to reach an amicable solution to it.

He also thanked the Government for its positive reaction to the (salary increase) initiative saying it is most important to move forward together to serve the best interest of the country.

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