PVMC to provide transport for all students in 2018

The Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Martin Mahe, has officially handed over keys of the 15 buses to the Port Vila Municipal Council Lord Mayor, Ulrich Sumptoh, yesterday afternoon.

The PSC chairman expressed that this was a milestone and a good start of the year and has urged the PVMC to look after the assets as they provide transport for school children living in Port Vila.

“This is a donation from the PSC to the PVMC and we are happy to do so to assist the PVMC in the projects it has in line for the citizens in Port Vila,” he said.

“And one of the projects is to provide transport for all children attending school that these 15 buses will be used for that purpose.”

The Lord Mayor has acknowledged the PSC for the initiative to address one of the biggest needs of the people living in towns.

“Our objective is to provide safety for children going to school and importantly address the issue of punctuality, a lot of times we get complaints from schools due to lateness of students and we blame it on parents and drivers but this time we will change this and make sure our children get to school early and safely,” he said.

Mr Sumptoh reiterated that there will five to six stations that will be decided upon where children will be picked up and dropped off after school.

“We will start off with a three-week trial commencing from when schools open and we will work on areas that need to be improved to provide better service for the children,” he concluded.

Daily Post understands that children will need to pay a ‘small fee’ that will be disclosed at a latter date to assist in the maintenance of these school buses.

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