Training of drivers in the Public Service

The Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management (VIPAM) and Fleet & Housing Management Unit of the Office of Public Service Commission (OPSC) for the first time delivered a 2 days training for the Government Vehicle Drivers on Thursday, 14th and Friday, 15th September 2017 last week.

The training objectives are to provide useful information about the Fleet Management Policy and ways to manage misuse of Government vehicles and reduce costs. It is time the Government of Vanuatu, through the Public Service Commission considered solutions to changing real behaviour with regards to respect of government vehicles (assets) and cost savings to Vanuatu. A reason for immediate action to be taken is due to potential savings the Government of Vanuatu could make for the Vanuatu Government. Topics covered during the training were helpful for the drivers to reduce the cost of fuel consumption, misuse of Government vehicles, vehicle security, cleanliness and repair.

A session on GPS was delivered to showcase the idea of GPS how it will work as the Government of Vanuatu is currently embarking on introducing the GPS on the G-Vehicles which will help a lot in reducing unnecessary high fuel costs from misuse of G-Vehicles. A performance appraisal session was also delivered to help drivers to develop their individual work plan in which they will be appraised for their overall performance at the end of the day. They were also consulted for their views on a “manual for drivers” which is a handbook that will guide them in their driving duties once it’s being developed by the Fleet Management Unit.

There were 44 drivers altogether who received certificate of completion for the induction training for drivers. It was the first drivers training for the majority of the drivers as indicated by some of them. At the closing of the training, in his closing remarks, Chairman of PSC, Mr. Martin Mahe stated that if the drivers are facing any difficulties with their superiors while performing their driving duties, the Office of Public Service Commission is open for dialogue anytime to address issues regarding G-Vehicles.

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