Health minister receives latest transfer letters from PSC Chairman

The latest group of 302 health workers has been transferred to the new structure of the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Letters for the 302 confirming the transfers by the Public Service Commission (PSC) were handed to the Minister of Health, Jerome Ludvaune, Thursday by the Chairman of the PSC, Martine Mahe.

The MoH confirms that the number is from a total of 309 submitted to the PSC, however, the transfer of seven were not possible for incomplete registration reasons.

The PSC Chairman confirmed that this latest group of staff will receive their new pay level starting today.

The latest transfer figure comprises of 84 nurses and 225 staff members comprising of 33 allied health staff, 24 doctors, 103 support services staff, 23 Corporate Services staff and 42 Public Health staff.

The 84 nurses are in addition to the 292 nurses, the first group of permanent staff, to be transferred in July.

In addition to the 84 nurses there are 225 staff members that come under Stage 3 of Phase 1 of the implementation plan of the new structure, which is the transfer of permanent allied, clinical, corporate and support staff.

The group comprises of 33 allied health staff, 24 doctors, 103 support services staff, 23 corporate services staff and 42 public health staff.

The Minister acknowledged the Chairman of the PSC and his staff for their commitment and dedication in ensuring that the deadline for the transfer of the second lot of permanent staff was fulfilled.

“The government acknowledges your commitment and the hard work of yourself and your staff in ensuring that this second lot of permanent staff is transferred on time,” he added.

Ludvaune also acknowledged the hard work of the Director General of the Ministry of Health, George Taleo, and the staff of the Corporate Services of the Ministry, and the Minister of the Finance, Gaetan Pikioune and his staff for their hard work and long hours in ensuring the transfers took place on time and allowing those staff to receive their new pay package starting from today’s government payday.

“Thank you to all of you, without your dedication, commitment and long hours, the nurses and doctors and allied health staff would not be receiving and enjoying what they have been waiting a long time for.”

PSC Chairman Mahe also acknowledged his staff and Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance and their staff for their dedication.

He said that since the handing over of the transfer letters of the first 292 nurses to the new structure he had sleepless nights wondering if the deadlines for the transfers of the different groups of staff would be met.

“I assure Minister, my staff and I will do everything possible to ensure these transfers to the new structure happen,” he told the Minister.

“Health and Education are both very important sectors of the country and it is our responsibility to ensure that their workers are catered for so they provide the best services possible to the people,” he added.

The MoH has confirmed that Phase Two of the implementation of the new structure, which is the transfer of contract officers, will take place on October 10, 2017.

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